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How to activate the extension ?

Go to settings -> extensions -> Then click on the on/off button under RedSet

How many friends can I invite ?

For now RedSet have a limit of 10 peoples in the same party
You can invite more than 10 but it's not recommended for now...

Who has control of the player ?

For now only the creator of a party can control the player.

How it works ?

How to start a party ?

It's very simple: Click on "Create a Party" then select a platform. Once it's done RedSet will open the selected platform in your navigator.
After that you just need to select a video or a music and share the link !

How to open the chat ?

Just click on the RedSet logo at the top of your navigator.(a new chat is under development)

How to close a party ?

You just need to click on the top left arrow in RedSet. (Or just close the party tab.)


Do you keep my informations ?

NO ! RedSet is not keeping any of your informations on a server

Do you keep the play history ?

No. RedSet is not spying you like other web extension....

Do you keep the chat history ?

Nope ! When you leave a party all the messages are automaticly deleted on the server.