What is Redset ?

RedSet is a FREE web-extension who let you synchronize your music and video with friend !
In 3 clicks RedSet create a personalised party for you and your friends. And In only 2 click you can join a friend party !

Whene did the project start ?

The RedSet idea merge in the head of Hadrien Casadesus in October 2018 !
The main idea was that user can download a mobile app who let you synchronize your music with your friend.
The project encounter many obstacles and problem during the development.
In Febuary 2020 the project wasnn't realsed so the Founder and CEO (Hadrien Casadesus) review the idea to 0 and created RedSet Web (the web-extension).
the development begin on march 15 2020 and ended with alpha 1 on June 3 2020.

How can I join the Alpha ?

You can simply join the RedSet alpha program by joining the discord (for the moment the discord language is in French only) and follow the instructions.

I want to join the RedSet Staff Team

You surely can join the team but please note that you will not get paid..
RedSet is currently looking for HTML/JavaScript/CSS developers who know how the Chrome and Firefox extensions are working. You need to be at least 18 years old to join the team.
If you have all this you can send us an email at support@redsetapp.com. If you are not 18 year old you can only join the discord helper/support team (you need to perfectly speak english and/or french) by clicking here

If we didn't answer your question please send us an email at support@redsetapp.com